H&M’s eco-friendly collection celebrates Nature

9 April, 2019

H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection distinguishes itself by the use of new and ecological materials  like Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Organic Silk, Lyocell TENCEL ™, Recycled Plastic and Recycled Silver. For this season the Swedish brand presents, for the first time, BLOOM Foam (flexible plant-based foam that uses algae biomass), Piñatex (natural skin made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves), and Orange Fiber (similar to silk produced from by-products of citrus juice). Complementing the materials, the coler palette is composed by sand tones, lavender, green sea, ocean blue and coral pink, along with black, gold and silver, presenting nature as the ultimate luxury.

“We are very excited to be able to introduce new sustainable plant-based materials to create beautiful, fashionable and high-performance parts that are striking but very easy to use,” said Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor.

The clothes will be available in specific H&M stores around the world from April 11 with models Imaan Hammam, Oumie Jammeh and Alanna Arrington starring the 2019 campaign.