The Girly side of the Dye

17 May, 2019

With some ups and downs, the hippie trend of the 60s makes a stellar comeback to the runways.

Thanks to Stella McCartney, Prada and Dior, the tie dye resurfaced in all its splendor and with a much-appreciated upgrade. Usually synonym of individuality and carefree attitude, it can now also be known by its uber sophistication.

Always an exclusive piece – with this technique is virtual impossible to make the exact same pattern -, with its abstraction comes a tremendous creative liberty. It can be challenging but it surely is fun. Want some inside trading on how to do it with style and extra elegance?  Choose a white dress with pink tie dye, preferably with a marked silhouette and a balloon finish. Respecting the girly look approach, add a small pink purse with golden romantic details. Accessorize with a set of earrings and bracelet that complement the handbag aesthetic. The more delicate the choice, the better. Thus, the sensitivity of the accessories will contrast with the freedom of the pattern composition.

To finish, a Stiletto, but don’t choose the classic or leather, go for pink and look for a sportier feel with an open heel. Relax and elegant, check. Need any more proof ?

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