Everybody has a story

Diogo Carvalho stars in the BiFi international campaign

The young actor Diogo Carvalho stars in one of the advertising spots of the new German sausages BiFi campaign.

Francisco Faria and Xiaodi in Faire Magazine editorial

The models Francisco Faria and Xiaodi participated in Faire Magazine's anniversary editorial.

Chris Murphy participates in Netflix documentary

Chris Murphy is one of the cast members who has recreated some of the key moments of this mystery.

Lucas Ribeiro and Sebastian for Ambitious campaign

The models Lucas Ribeiro e Sebastian photographed a Spring Summer '19 collection of Ambitious footwear brand.

Mariana Silveira in Fasenra international campaign

The children's model Mariana Silveira filmed the new Fansenra international campaign, an additional maintenance treatment for asthma.

Ézio Sá, Kevin and Celso Jumpé in Aperol international campaign

The Commercial models Ézio Sá, Kevin and Celso Jumpé filmed in Lisbon the recent Aperol international campaign, Italian brand of cocktails.

Karacter Model Tour 2019
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