15 November, 2016

Adriana Moniz in “Mulheres Assim”

Adriana Moniz is in the cast of the series “Mulheres Assim” by RTP1. The new bet of the public channel tells us the story of Maria do Carmo – played by Joana Seixas -, a promising actress who at 30 years lost her son. The story follows, over 20 episodes, the life of this character, at the age of 40, and of other women who cross with her.

In “Mulheres Assim”, Adriana Moniz is Maria and lives a lesbian relationship with Sara, played by Ana Valentim. They live together and look happy. They are Ana’s best friends, a character lived by the actress Juana Pereira da Silva. They receive a refugee woman with their daughter at home and try, at all costs, to make them feel well.

Every Tuesday at 10PM on RTP1.