25 November, 2016

Bruno Cabrerizo debuts in cinema

Bruno Cabrerizo is part of the cast of the film “A Mãe é que Sabe”, a new Portuguese family comedy.

Produced by Pandora da Cunha Telles, Ukbar Filmes, Roberto Pereira’s plot and Nuno Rocha’s direction, winner of several awards and with 2 short films (Vicky and Sam, 3 × 3), “A Mãe é Que Sabe” has a cast of stars well known to the public. Alongside Bruno Cabrerizo are the actors Maria João Abreu, Dalila Carmo, Carlos Santos, Ricardo Azevedo, Filipa Areosa, Filipe Vargas, Manuel Cavaco and Manuela Maria who hope to show the habits of a Portuguese family for all Portuguese families.

This is the debut of the Brazilian actor in the seventh art and in the “comedy” record. In this first feature film, Bruno Cabrerizo plays the character Vítor, Daniela’s boyfriend, a character in charge of Dalila Carmo, who promises to get a lot of laughs from the spectators.

The first trailers have already been released and the debut is scheduled for 8th December.