27 October, 2016

Bruno Cabrerizo in “Ouro Verde”

The actor Bruno Cabrerizo will play Laurentino da Silva in the new primetime TVI soap opera. In “Ouro Verde”, Bruno will be a man who has been all his life a pedestrian on the farm. A sort of Coronel Januário Cavalcanti godson, played by actor Grancindo Junior. Rude and ambitious, Laurentino wants to be the natural heir of Coronel, until a threat called Jorge Monforte cames along. Laurentino will be the rival of the protagonist, played by Diogo Morgado, that will not rest until he’s destroyed.

In this new challenge, Bruno Cabrerizo will be alongside other great brazilian players like Sílvia Pfeifer, Zézé Mota, Cassiano Carneiro and Adriano Toloza (Verdades Secretas).

The plot of “Ouro Verde” comes around Zé Maria Magalhães (Diogo Morgado), a young man who finds himself lost after the death of his parents, who lost their lives in the hands of Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca (Luís Esparteiro), a powerful banker. After 15 years, Zé Maria returns to Portugal with one goal, to avenge the death of their parents.

However, Zé Maria will have the arduous task of choosing between revenge and the love of his life, Bia Ferreira da Fonseca (Joana de Verona), daughter of his enemy.