25 May, 2016

Rafael Merlini in Sagres Campaign – Euro 2016

Rafael Merlini participates in the new advertising campaign of the beer brand Sagres.

Starring the humorist Ricardo Araújo Pereira, this campaign supports the national team, this time towards to the Euro 2016.  The mission is to mobilize the portugueses from “Algarve to Trás-os-Montes, from Madeira to Açores and from Toronto to Fernão Ferro”. “Portugal needs you” is the motto, with the criativity from BAR and the prodution of Krypton.

30 May, 2016

António Santos and João Pedro in Cofidis Campaign

António Santos and João Pedro participate in the 20th anniversary campaign of the brand Cofidis. Titled “Living Relations”, the idea of this campaign is to reflect the importance of relationships in people’s life’s, and how the brand has strengthened the positioning from “people to people”. With the creativity of FCB Lisboa, BRO production and realization of Mário Patrocínio, the campaign is also circulating in the press, digital, trains, billboards and near buses. 

2 June, 2016

João Gameiro, António Cardoso, Filipe Tavares and Bea Marxen for BELL Canada

Bell Canada is a mobile phone, internet and home service company, that had the participation of Bea Marxen (MODELS), João GameiroAntónio Cardoso and Filipe Tavares (COMMERCIAL) in its worldwide campaign “Time to upgrade to better TV”.

6 June, 2016

João Gameiro in the new Água das Pedras campaign

João Gameiro is one of the protagonists of the new Água das Pedras campaign. With the signature of BBDO and under the creative concept “Let the best of you come to the top”,  the goal is to challenge the consumers to choose the drink that refreshes them and makes them feel always at its best. The brand intends to diversify as a drink for all occasions. 

Therefore, the TV spots are focused on moments like paddle surfing lessons from father (João Gameiro) and daughter, a girl running through the woods or in a friends gathering, in which the brand is always present.

In addition to the TV (generalist and cable), the campaign is available in cinema, billboards and digital.

22 June, 2016

Ana Carvalho in the new campaign “É bom como… Adagio”

Ana Carvalho is part of the new Adagio campaign with the slogan “É bom como… Adagio” where the idea is to show the consumers that this is the most anticipated break of the day. With the creative direction of Carlos Pontes and Gonçalo Castelo Branco, production from Molotov, realization by Sergio Henriques and sound from AMEB, the campaign, in addition to T,  has outdoors as well where Ana Carvalho is also present.

24 June, 2016

Joana Amaral and Francesco Orsi in Multicare’s campaign

Joana Amaral and Francesco Orsi are part of the new Multicare campaign “My health search online medical advice” with creativity Ivity and planning of Havas Media.

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