20 May, 2016

Marta Faial photographed by Gonçalo M. Catarino

Marta Faial, the actress  working on the soap opera “A Única Mulher” TVI posed for Gonçalo M. Catarino for the portait section of the photographer’s site. Photos brought the interest from the soap Opera’s production that used them in some scenes of the plot.

8 June, 2016

Marta Faial in “A Única Mulher”

The actress Marta Faial returns to portuguese television to strengthen the cast of the 3rd season of TVI soap opera “A Única Mulher”. In the role of Leila Barbosa , the unknown daughter of Norberto Venancio (played by Angelo Torres), the actress feels “privileged” to integrate “a project so well done and so sucessfully”, and at the same time “being surrounded by such good actors”.

Known for her participation in 2005 on the TVI soap opera “Morangos Com Açúcar”, the actress has gained notoriety in recent years across borders, particulary in  Angola, where she joined the cast of the soap opera “Windeck” and “Jikulumessu” (this latest project gave her the best actress award in that country), representing both in the red carpet of the Emmy Awards in New York.

21 June, 2016

Bruno Cabrerizo in an interview with M My Magazine

The actor Bruno Cabrerizo donned the role of a young gentleman in the May issue of the online magazine M My Magazine. “I’m a lunatic gentleman. As the moon changes i can be classic or irreverent, “said the Brazilian actor, for whom this classic concept remains current. “If it’s different we will end up living in a jungle, no rules and no limits. My examples are my parents. The term “education comes from the cradle”, applies to me perfectly. Be polite and be kind to others is a worldwide concept. Only there is a difference in how each nation puts into practice”, he reflects.

The full interview can be seen here:


Text: Rosa Inverneiro
Photography: Mário Galiano
Styling: Cristina Gomes

1 July, 2016

Bruno Cabrerizo debuts as host

After the success in “A Única Mulher” and “Dança com as Estrelas,” Bruno Cabrerizo debuts on the host role in TVI.

Next Saturday, the Brazilian actor will be one of the hosts of the Festa Continente, live from Parque da Cidade in Porto. The event, for the whole family, will present the Portuguese traditions, from culture to cuisine. The emission will be conducted by Cristina Ferreira, with the help of Bruno Cabrerizo, Rita Pereira, Monica Jardim and Ruben Rua.

7 July, 2016

Zé Bernardino in SIC’s serie

The actor Zé Bernardino has a very special participation in SiC’s new end-of- week serie. In “Águia Vermelha” (Águila Roja), the actor plays the King Alfonso VI of Portugal who had the nickname of “The Victorious” because of the victories in the Portuguese Restoration War.

“Águia Vermelha” is a Spanish adventure series that debuted in February 2009 and is still on air. In the first two years of existence was the most watched series by the Spanish public.

Starring David Janer, Javier Gutiérrez, Pepa Aniorte, among many other actors, the series of adventure and intrigue addresses issues such as friendship, love, nobility.

The protagonist, played by David Janer, is an anonymous hero of the seventeenth century known as Águila Roja, which helps the weak and is determined to uncover the conspiracy behind the murder of his young wife.

The serie has received numerous awards, including the Best National Fiction, Best Serie, Best Producer, Best Makeup, Best Art Direction and Direction of Photography.

15 July, 2016

Ivo Melo stars the new Sumol campaign

The actor Ivo Melo is one of the stars of the Summer campaign for the new special edition of the Sumol brand. “Apple or Consequence?” is the name of the campaign signed by JWT, planned by Initiative Media and management with social networks and Live Content microsite , in which the brand invites consumers to use soda cans to play with friends.

The Summer edition comes with the game “Apple or Consequence” inspired by the game “Truth or Dare”, and will be present in the packaging of the Sumol 4 flavors (orange, pineapple, passion fruit and apple), with 6 challenges unlikely for flavor, with a total of 24 tasks.

“Convince your friends to twerk”, “Convince your to drink Sumol hands-free”, “Put sound on your phone and give an aerobic class on the street”; are just some of the challenges that can be found on the packaging. The media campaign is already in the air and shows a group of friends in different environments playing “Apple or Consequence”.

Sumol campaign is aired on TV, billboards, digital and social media, with a special focus on mobile.

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