12 March, 2020

Karacter Agency’s management team has made the responsible decision to close the physical office due to the pandemic of Covid 19. Nevertheless we will continue to work as usual, but from the safety of our homes. Therefore, we will be totally available and can be reached by email or phone. So for anything work related please do reach out.

This is a civic precaution measure because, even though we have not had any person infected, we want to protect our models and staff of possible contamination and contribute as much as possible for the quick erradication of this virus.
We are all mobilized to act in conformity against this pandemic and we will follow any new developments so we can go back to our daily routines in the conscious and safest way possible.

We appreciate your understanding in this difficult time and urge for your active collaboration: follow the World Health Organization recommendations, and please do not put yourself or others at risk, . Let’s all work together to reverse this situation as smoothly and healthy as possible.

Karacter’s Team