Final Karacter Model Tour 2018

4 October, 2018

Irina Macari and Francisco Lemos were the winners of the 12th edition of Karacter Agency model’s competition, held last Saturday, September 29, at Praça do Município in Lisbon.

The final was presented by the actress Filipa Nascimento – Iris Candal of the soap opera “Vidas Opostas” of SIC – and by the international model and influencer Francisco Faria. In the audience were also other well-known faces like Marta Faial, Mariana Mestre (A Herdeira), Diogo Nobre (Espelho d’Água), Ricardo Teixeira (Al Berto), Patrícia Vasconcelos, the designer Alexandra Moura, among many others.

The 20 finalists – 9 girls and 11 boys – walked to a prestigious panel of judges composed by Hari Amado (Headbooker of Karacter Agency), Lido Palma (Director of Karacter Agency), Filipe Faísca (Fashion Designer), Inês Fontoura (Public Relations and Responsible for Sephora Brand Communication), Luís Pereira (CEO of Showpress/Casting Director of Moda Lisboa) and Filipe Canto e Castro (Casting Director).

With artistic direction and styling by Paulo Gomes, and choreography by Maria João Baginha, this edition distinguished from previous ones by it’s strong and disruptive concept. The runway show was all about the models, their personality and individuality. Attracting the attention of all who gathered in the town square, the conceptual performance revolved around a charriot with basic shirts, where the models – dressed in their own clothes – grabed and shared the shirts, composing the look themselves. Walking with posters with their names and an identifying trait of character, the models set the tone for the overall message of this runway-manifesto: sustainability and identity. The important thing is not the clothes, it is the attitude of the wearer.

Following the election of the winners, the festivities continued at The Garden Rooftop, where Karacter Agency’s models, actors, clients and partners celebrated another incredible Karacter Model Tour edition.