Marta Faial joins the cast of the soap opera “A Teia”

7 November, 2018

The actress Marta Faial is part of the cast of TVI’s new soap opera “A Teia”. In the new fourth channel fiction bet, Marta plays Monica Vieira, the ex-wife of the protagonist Simão, character in played by the actor Diogo Morgado.

Mónica Vieira was born and raised on the outskirts of Lisbon, the daughter of a middle-class family. At the end of high school, she decided to emigrate to Edinburgh in search of a better life. It is there that he meets Simão (Diogo Morgado) with whom he becomes romantically involved and who accidentally becomes pregnant. Both decide to take over the relationship and the child, but something changes profoundly in Monica the day she gives birth to her daughter Inês (Margarida Serrano) – receives news that her sister Helena died in highly suspicious circumstances, a possible masked suicide homicide . This event throws Monica into a postpartum depression making her a cold, calculating, emotionally maladaptive woman unable to show affection for others and in particular for her own daughter. His relationship with Simão ends shortly after the birth of Ines, who is rejected by his mother and remains in custody of his father. Monica reveals to be a woman without compassion and without scruples, damaging Simão and the daughter Inês to the last consequences to reach its objectives – to gather the maximum of money possible to be able to put into practice its plan of revenge against Ricardo (Vitor Hugo), the man she suspects responsible for her sister’s death. Allied to Augusto (Miguel Guilherme), father of Simão, to weaken the father of the daughter as much as possible in exchange of monetary compensations. Another ally is friend and confidante Diana (Joana Ribeiro), who despite failing her behavior, ends up being aware of Monica’s plans for revenge, trying to advise and demote her. His relationship with Ricardo will eventually lead her down a path she could not foresee. It remains to be seen whether Monica will be able to quench her thirst for revenge or be caught in her own trap.

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