Girls need to be more than 1,72 height and boys more than 1.82, between the ages of 14 and 22 years old.

In case you don’t have the necessary requirements, but you think that you have profile and interest in being our intermediated, click here and fill the form in the Join Us page.


It’s an annual competition that aims to find new talent’s to work in the fashion world. Find a model, help him grow, watching and actively contributing to their successes at national and international level, it’s the main objective of this contest.

To apply simply fill out the form below. Good Luck!

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Don’t worry, the agency will provide castings in Grande Lisboa, Porto and Algarve.

Stay tuned!


None of the collaborators, scouters or partners from Karacter Agency are authorized to charge fees or values to select models. If you’re asked for money for any purpose, it’s sure not related to the agency.

Please let us know if that happens.

You should send a cover, a half body and full body photograph.

The cover photo should be as natural as possible, showing the really you. The body photo’s should give a good ideia of your physical. We do not accept nude pictures.

Submitted photos do not need to be from professional photographers. We actually prefer to receive simple photos or “Polaroids” that will give us a real ideia of how you are.

Our system is set to no accept files (pictures) too heavy.

If you can’t upload your pictures, try to reduce the weight of your photos and try again (preferably less than 1MB).

Once our booking team finished analyzing your application they will contact you,  so it’s important that you include all of your contacts, phone and email.

We will always give you an answer, whether its positive or not.




Send us your photos 3 (max 700 Kb and jpg format): A full body, another from the waist up and one face. You do not need to send professional photographs, but you can follow the following guidelines: take your photos outdoors with natural light and avoid direct sunlight. Your look should be natural, no makeup, hair should be loose and facial expression no smiles. To commit your photos simply follow the following schedule:





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