22 September, 2016

Priscila Correia and Fred Daudon in the new IKEA campaign

Priscila Correia and Fred Daudon participate in the new IKEA campaign. With JWT signature and under the motto “In my house I just have to be me”, the brand calls for less conventions, rules and social expectations at home.

In this campaign, IKEA claims to be normal to want to be “ninjas” at work or “greek gods” in the gym, but at home we can simply be “ourselves” – “away from social conventions and digital platforms that stimulate and extol.

The concept focus on the metaphor about the expectations that the world has on each one’s daily activities. With a society “asking to dress several skins during the day – and where being fashion is the watchword – it’s intended that the house, the most important space in the world for IKEA, is the place where none of this comes, serving only to relax and where we can be ourselves”, explains the brand in a statement.

The campaign is present in TV, radio, cinema, outdoor billboard and digital activation on Facebook and Instagram, including catalog distribution to two milion households.