Rita Ribeiro in the new young serie “Massa Fresca” from TVI

28 April, 2016

The actress Rita Ribeiro returns to television for the new young serie “Massa Fresca” from TVI, where she plays the friendly “Zezinha”, the housekeeper from Elias family.

Character profile: Zezinha came, like so many other girls from the province of Trás-os-Montes, to serve in the home of Vicente and Francisco. She had at the time 13 years old. When the bosses died, she moved to Vicente’s house, where she has want’s to stay until the end of her life. Zezinha is always in a good mood, but when you step on her, she doesn’t mesure the words. She says that she has the brain linked to her mouth and when she realizes, she has said all that she should not have said.

But she has a big heart, and lives to give joy to others. She loves to prepare cakes and cooking for the children, which leaves Inês lofts of times with her hair standing, because she wants to feed the children in a healthy way.  The greedy Simão its her favorite, whom she takes the hidden candy. When Maria takes over the house, Maria didn’t immediately recognize her capabilities to the function, reason why she does what she wants, and gives to all the 5 children’s, what they want.

Massa Fresca | Monday to Friday | 19H00 | TVI