• Height 184
  • Making/jacket 46/36
  • Shoes 44
  • Hair Color Castanho
  • Eye Color Verdes
  • Height 6.1
  • Making/jacket 36
  • Shoes 11
  • Hair Color Castanho
  • Eye ColorVerdes

André Mota is a young model and actor. At 13 years old entered in a theatre school in Teatro de Carnide, where he developed the art of acting for two years. During this period, André had the opportunity to make his debut on stage by the hand of director Sofia Ângelo. Currently studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, André Mota continues to participate in some projects as an actor. Recently joined the university short film "Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem".


Masterclass com Tom Todoroff, ACT
Curso de Teatro Jovem, Teatro de Carnide



Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem, curta-metragem de Inês Martins, Mariana Seixas, Miguel Jesus e Patrícia Freire
O Planeta Adormecido, longa-metragem de José Manuel Abrantes, Luciano Ottani e Lígia Resende Pereira



Quem Matou a Avozinha, encenação de Sofia Ângelo, Teatro de Carnide
Dia D, encenação de Sofia Ângelo, Teatro de Carnide