• Height 184
  • Making/jacket 50/40
  • Shoes 42
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Eye Color Green
  • Height 6.1
  • Making/jacket 40
  • Shoes 9
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Eye ColorGreen

Bruno Cabrerizo started his professional career as a football player, but soon realized that his personal achievement would not pass through the stadiums. In Milan, Bruno began investing in his artistic career: first he worked as a model, then as a television presenter and finally as an actor. Still in Italy he jumped in the italian version of the celebrity contest "Splash!" and was part of the cast of the talent show "Dancing with the Stars". The success achieved in the dance program brought the actor to Portugal , where he integrated the national version of the format, conquering the second place in the competition. In the meantime, Bruno entered the cast of the most successful telenovela of recent years, "A Única Mulher" (TVI), becoming a phenomenon of popularity in our country. But it was with "Ouro Verde" ("The Payback"), a telenovela nominated for an International Emmy, that Bruno Cabrerizo firmed himself as an actor. Still in Portugal, he made his film debut in the movie "A Mãe é que Sabe" from Ukbar Filmes and later joined the cast of "Ruth", a feature film about the life of soccer legend Eusebio. From Brazil he got the opportunity to work with the famous director Jayme Monjardim, first in the feature film "O Avental Rosa", followed by the protagonist role in TV Globo's telenovela "Tempo de Amar", with which he signed an exclusive contract.


Orfãos da Terra, telenovela, TV Globo
Tempo de Amar, telenovela, TV Globo
Ouro Verde, telenovela, Plural/TVI
A Única Mulher, telenovela, Plural/TVI
CentoVetrine, telenovela italiana, Canale 5
Don Matteo, série televisiva, RAI 1



Somos Portugal, programa de entretenimento, apresentador, Coral/TVI
Festa Continente, programa de entretenimento, apresentador, Endemol/TVI
Pequenos Gigantes, talent-show, Endemol/TVI
Dança com as Estrelas, talent-show, Endemol/TVI
Jump, versão italiana do talent-show Splash Celebridades, Canale 5
Ballando Con Te, versão italiana do talent-show Dança Comigo, RAI 1
Ballando Con Le Stelle, talent-show, RAI 1
TRL Music Awards, programa de entretenimento, apresentador, MTV
Chiambretti Night, programa de entretenimento, Canale 5
Salsa Rosa, apresentador, SKY Comedy Central


Ruth, longa-metragem realizada por António Pinhão Botelho, Leopardo Filmes
O Avental Rosa, longa-metragem realizada por Jayme Monjardim, Accorde Filmes
A Mãe é que Sabe, longa-metragem realizada por Nuno Rocha, Ukbar Filmes



O Marido do Daniel, encenação de Gilberto Gawronski, Teatro Petra Gold, Brasil
Gli Uomini Preferiscono Le Tonte, com Giulia Ricciardi
Balla Con Milli – Musical – Palaterme di Fiuggi



Gangsta’s Paradise, COOLIO, realizado por Claudio Zagarini
Sheikh el Shabab, Nancy Ajarab, realizado por Leyla Canaa



Dança, Guitarra, Bicicleta, Futebol e Natação



Português, Italiano e Inglês