Vera Cardoso “SuperWomen” for Nikki Nye e Amy Flurry

17 October, 2016

As part of celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of CascaiShopping, american artists Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry bring for the first time to Portugal the project Paper-Cut-Project – a concept that is based on the transformation of simple sheets of paper in Fashion  silhouettes – but this time, under an inspiring theme “SuperWomen”. The exhibition includes artistic pieces made by hand on paper, reflecting the power and feminine versatility.

Vera Cardoso is the face of the campaign for the exhibition “SuperWomen” which marks the debut of this pair of artists in Portugal that are currently a worldwide reference in the field of Fashion and Art by the countless artworks that have carried out and which are part big names in Haute Couture, such as, Hermès, Cartier, Kate Spade and Valentino.

On the show, which is in CascaiShopping, it can be enjoyed 20 artistic pieces made of paper and 6 photographs that reflect the versatility of several feminine attributes, materialized in wigs and fashion accessories.

Photography | António Medeiros
Styling | Twisted Soul
Make up | Tom Perdigão
Model | Vera Cardoso