• Height 177
  • Bust 80
  • Waist 60
  • Hips 87
  • Making/jacket 36
  • Shoes 40
  • Hair ColorBown
  • Eye ColorGreen
  • Height 5'9.7
  • Bust 31.5
  • Waist23.6
  • Hips 34.2
  • Making/jacket 6
  • Shoes 7
  • Hair ColorBown
  • Eye ColorGreen

"The new promise of Portuguese fashion," was how GQ Portugal of 2015 described Marianne Bittencourt, her unusual beauty won not one but two covers of the December edition. With green eyes and brown hair, it assists her with a unique beauty associated with the sophistication that distinguishes her in every job. Its portfolio is enriched with several editorials won in the major capitals of the world. Its chameleonic image reveals a versatile model with an unlimited potential of creativity, being the main reason to be one of the most requested models of the moment. In 2015 she was considered by Vogue Portugal Online, one of the Portuguese best dressed in the events of red crosswalk. Despite not having won the edition of the Karacter Model Tour where she participated, Marianne is the proof that does not always have to win to be successful.