2020 is eco-trendy

26 May, 2020

From being one of the most pollutants industries to one of the most vocal and active in reducing its environmental footprint, fashion is always a mirror of its time and a creative booster of the future. For that same reason, paying attention to fashion – to its tendencies, practices and choices – is, deep down, paying attention to the way world moves.

Leather has always been present in the most fashionable looks since the 80’s and, let’s be real, everyone has at least one leather piece, the one we know it’s going to assure “the” outfit. But, times change and so do we, and in this new reality, we search more and more to find the most sustainable and ecological alternatives, without compromising the attitude and the fierce factor.

Artificial leather is born as an eco-miraculous solution, offering the desired effect of real leather, in a total eco-conscious way.

Therefore, use and abuse second leather pieces, and don’t associate them to more grungy and rockstar looks only – this alternative can also be used in a ultra sophisticate and elegant way, when applied in more clean and neutral pieces.

Our suggestion is to use a pencil skirt in rouge tones, combined with an asymmetrical top, creating an interesting and impacting (un)balance, which can only be perfect with simple accessories, with a subtle touch of boldness.

The new 2020 mantra? Be eco-leather-trendy!

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