Squared Fantasy

9 April, 2021

What used to be old becomes new again this season. The most recent fashion trend is called “granny chic” and consists of using expressly vintage pieces but keeping a futuristic vibe.
It is about leaving minimalism, and venting, as if we were going through the crazy 30’s again and what makes sense, more than ever, is to live without fear and express who you are.
In this wave, we find crochet, checkered patterns, “grandfather” poles and vintage jewelry.

There is no color map to guide us, there is only the maxim that everything will come together if used with attitude.

To keep up with the trend, we looked for a risky but sophisticated look, with a straight cut dress and different colored squares to be able to play with the accessories. The greenish raffia mules and the crochet suitcase are the perfect symbiosis for composing a timeless and pleasing ensemble, adored by the oldest to the youngest crowds.

Dare yourself in this experience and fantasize more than ever.