High on spring

16 February, 2021

It’s getting harder to let go of our comfort clothes and choose the outfit that will make the difference. But fear not! Jacquemus dictated the trend towards Spring season and he thank him for it. Not only did he present us with one of the best fashion shows in the last years, but he also showed how clean, inclusive and irreverent the future of fashion seems to be.

If there’s anything to learn from this collection, it’s the power of combining super high-waisted trousers with crop tops, or casual classic shirts. There is something comfortable and simultaneously classic in the cuts and lines from which one piece ends and the other resumes.

For this season the suggestion is to find comfort and pleasure in high waistlines, whether they are pants, shorts, short shorts or skirts.

In this look, we chose fluid trousers with a top that steals the show. Adorn the look with the chains and let them come to life in accessories: belts, necklaces, bags. You can also play with the shoes without limits, but soften the outfit with loafers or mules.

Wait for a multitude of pockets and functional equipment, referring to military uniforms but sweetened with soft colors, resulting in the perfect contrast between strength and calm, the best characteristics to ally to during these times.

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