BAGS: small wonders

26 March, 2020

The accessories which will follow us through Spring 2020 answer to a very personal – even existencial – question: reality or fantasy?
We all know now that fashion doesn’t always move itself on the real world, the feasibility of the everyday, and that it creates its own rules regarding its stylish whims. The best example are the tendency bags from previous seasons, where these were so small they almost couldn’t bear the essential.
But, in a new decade, and a new Spring, everything suffers a radical change and we start to see the return of some good old friends, in a variety of bags, ready to accessorize different styles and situations.

Croissant Bags arrive in such strength, while the big sizes come to life in unique formats: the bucket bag, the oversized clutch and even the shoulder bags. On the materials, the 90’s denim becomes the matter queen of Chanel’s handbags and raffia dazzles in a array of surrealist options.

Balancing between fantasy and reality, we gather the best of both worlds, crossing the mini and the maxi to our – and specially yours! – whim.