Bruno Cabrerizo and Duarte Gomes are part of the cast of the soap opera “Por Ti”

4 May, 2022

Actors Bruno Cabrerizo and Duarte Gomes are part of the cast of the new SIC telenovela. With artistic direction by Adriano Luz, coordination by Jorge Queiroga, script by Alexandre Castro and casting direction by Carla de Sá, “Por Ti” tells the story of a conflict between two villages, accentuated by a project to build a dam that will submerge one of the villages.

In the plot, Bruno Cabrerizo plays Father Orlando who arrives with the challenge of bringing together Aldeia Velha and Aldeia Nova. He is a man of unquestionable faith and what he likes most about his profession is the conviviality. He likes sports in general and has no patience for nonsense, something that will cost him a permanent conflict with deacon Miguel (Fernando Luis). He lives in the parish house, which he kindly agreed to share with the Brito family, and does not give up the routine of sports, supplements and healthy eating. Very well received by Isabel (Alexandra Lencastre, wife of the deacon, will have to refuse her advances and remain faithful to God. He feels immediate empathy with the people of the village, but not everything will be easy.

Actor Duarte Gomes is the “dandy” Gabriel Almeida Borges. A city man, sophisticated, sporty and endowed with a cynicism inherited from the easy life. He lives under the shadow of his parents, from which he has never been able to demarcate himself and it is precisely because of this influence, and because he never had to work hard to achieve anything, that he followed in their footsteps and also became a lawyer. It was the safe choice that gave him a direct passport to the family company and it is in this context that he meets Mia (Filipa Areosa), with whom he falls in love. She is everything Gabriel could never be: a fighter, smart, persevering and an excellent lawyer. The two end up dating, but the ultimate break occurs when Mia is manipulated by the firm to lose the cause she defended. Shaken by this, Mia asks Gabriel for time and disappears without a trace. The lawyer does not accept the end of the relationship and will be willing to do anything to win her back.