Catarina Siqueira is part of the cast “Queridos Papás” soap opera

30 March, 2023

Actress Catarina Siqueira is part of the cast of TVI’s new telenovela. In “Queridos Papás”, Catarina plays kindergarten teacher Maria José Dantas, better known as Zezé. She is competitive with her colleagues, especially Sílvia, played by actress Sara Prata, whom she envies. She’s sweet with the kids and fake with the mothers she doesn’t like. He is always trying to attract the attention of the children’s parents, especially Simão (Pedro Sousa), because of his interest in Sílvia. She’s cute and seductive and uses all her resources to arouse men’s confidence and interest. Her father is an influential businessman who helped Angelina (Marisa Cruz) open the kindergarten and that’s why she got a job there. Take advantage of it. He never admits he screwed up and doesn’t face the consequences. She was always spoiled by her father who supports her in everything. She’s a gossip, a rumormonger, and she’s always getting into trouble. It doesn’t look at meiosis, it uses the children to get to the parents. It has two faces. Make the friends you need to target rivals.

“Queridos Papás” is an adaptation of the Argentinean original “Sres. Papis” produced by Plural Entertainment and adapted by Maria João Mira. The plot tells us the lives of four men who meet at their children’s kindergarten and share their experiences as fathers in a world made up mostly of mothers. Among themes of friendship, parent-child relationships, love conflicts and changes in social roles, we get to know the stories of each family and their ups and downs.