Diogo Carvalho, Laura Seiça and Lita Pedreira in the cast of the soap opera “Quero é Viver”

10 January, 2022

Actors Diogo Carvalho, Laura Seiça and Lita Pedreira are part of the cast of TVI’s new telenovela. Written by Helena Amaral and produced by Plural, “Quero é Viver” is a telenovela about female empowerment and hope. With tenderness and humor, she tells the story of Ana and her four daughters who, after their 70-year-old mother ends a marriage of 50, will also end up turning their own lives around 180 degrees.

In the new bet on TVI’s fiction, Diogo Carvalho plays the kindergarten teacher Tomás Alcaide who will live a novel target of prejudice. Newcomer Laura Seiça is Beatriz Lobo Amado, daughter of Irene (Joana Seixas) and Santiago (Pedro Hossi), who will show that football is not just a boys’ sport. Lita Pedreira will play Mafalda, the faithful secretary in the office of psychologist Gabriel, played by actor Thiago Rodrigues.