Diogo Nobre joins the cast of the film “Nação Valente”

19 October, 2022

Actor Diogo Nobre is one of the protagonists of the film “Nação Valente” by Carlos Conceição. The second feature film by the Portuguese-Angolan director produced by Terratreme Filmes, reflects on the end of Portuguese colonialism and the traumas of the post-war period. The story takes place in two temporal moments, at the end of the colonial war, crossing two realities: that of independence groups, who claim their territories, and that of Portuguese soldiers, still anchored in the nationalist ideals of defense of the Homeland. “Nação Valente” is a co-production between Portugal, Angola and France and had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival where it won two awards: Junior Jury Award and Europa Cinemas Label Award.