Duarte Gomes and Marta Faial on the program “Dança Comigo”

14 April, 2023

Actors Duarte Gomes and Marta Faial shone on the runway of the most recent edition of the program “Dança Comigo” on RTP1. Presented by Sílvia Alberto, the talent show brings together famous personalities who dance various styles every week and are evaluated by a jury composed of Noua Wong, Sónia Araújo and Filipe La Féria. Duarte Gomes was one of the contestants at the third gala where he faced actress Inês Aires Pereira (the winner of this edition) in the Quickstep and Cabaret styles. Marta Faial joined the cast in the sixth gala of the program and won one of the highest scores taking her to a repechage gala where she won a place in the grand final of the talent contest.