Eva Fisahn joins the cast of “Quarenteens” series

1 July, 2020

Actress Eva Fisahn is part of the cast of the youth series “Quarenteens”. In the new RTP2 production, the young actress plays the character Cristina Duarte, one of the best friends of the protagonist Leonor, a role played by the actress Beatriz Frazão.

Over the course of the 20 episodes, we will see Leonor’s struggle against a series of friends who are gradually becoming more affected by the isolation and the lack of preparation of some of them to deal with all this.

Cristina Duarte, or @Do_Heart as she signs on social networks, is Leonor’s former colleague. Currently they live in different cities, but they are confidants since they were small. Self is considered a Critical Counter Culturalist: she is vegan, values ​​diversity and gender equality, opposes all forms of superficial status or illegitimate authority. He has no religion, but he feels a strong connection to the stars and forces of the universe.
She practices yoga, meditation and is obsessed with Feng Shui.
Although they are great friends and have several interests in common, they are substantially different. Loving relationships for her only if they are authentic and the couple has compatible energies … which causes some emotional confusion as she is hopelessly in love with the Philosophy teacher, married and with a daughter older than herself.

“Quarenteens” is shown from Monday to Friday on RTP2 at 9.10 pm and will also be available on RTP Play.