Filipa Nascimento is part of the cast of the soap opera “Terra Brava”

30 October, 2019

Actress Filipa Nascimento is part of the cast of SIC’s new soap opera, “Terra Brava”. In the plot written by Inês Gomes, the actress plays the character Catarina Pinto, a young student, daughter of Marco Paulo (Diogo Amaral) and granddaughter of Prazeres (Noémia Costa). Abandoned two years ago by her mother, she went to live with her father to the house of her grandmother and great-uncles. It has a conflicting relationship with Prazeres, which is always wanting to control it. Will get involved with David (Afonso Lopes). She is cute, confident and the best friend of Sílvia Figueiredo (Vera Moura). Your goal is to have your parents together again and date David.