Gustavo Salvador Rebelo and José Leite join the cast of the show “O Banquete”

24 May, 2021

The actors Gustavo Salvador Rebelo and José Leite are part of the cast of “O Banquete”. The show results from a work of crossing selected works between the cast and the direction, which seeks to offer the public a discussion about love. The text arises from this reflection transposed in monologues that intersect in a collage process. In the limit it is a pleonasm of the title: a banquet between the actors and the public. “O Banquete” is on stage at Espaço Escola de Mulheres until May 28th.

Text Luísa Fidalgo and Miguel Mateus
Film Direction Miguel Mateus
With Alice Ruiz, Catarina Rabaça, Gustavo Salvador Rebelo, José Leite, Luísa Fidalgo and Miguel Mateus
Music and musical arrangements Ângela Flores Baltazar
Stage design Rita Capelo
Light Design Tasso Adamopoulos
Costumes Miguel Mateus and Rita Capelo
Voice Beatriz Godinho
Direction assistant João Condeça
Video and image Laura Pedrosa and Miguel Mateus
Photography Alexandra Paramês
Production Casa Cheia