José Leite and Rodolfo Major are part of the cast of “CHI RHO”

25 March, 2022

Actors José Leite and Rodolfo Major are part of the cast of the show “CHI RHO”. Based on an unpublished text by English author Harry B. Scott, “CHI RHO” is the story of ten people whose lives are drastically affected by an inevitable event. In the hours, days and weeks that follow, these seemingly disconnected souls reveal the intricate web of relationships that unite them. On stage at the Boutique da Cultura space until the 27th of March.


Text: Harry B. Scott
Translation: Simão Vaz
Directed by: Afonso Molinar
With: Constança Carvalho Neto, Fábio Batista, Inês Garrido, José Leite, Mariana Fonseca, Mariana Lencastre, Nádia Matos, Rita Silvestre, Rodolfo Major, Vítor Oliveira
Scenography: Rita Capelo
Costumes: Inês Reis Correia
Sound design: João Gamory
Light design: Janaina Gonçalves
Directing assistance: Laura Ribeiro
Production Director: Diana Special
Production assistance: Laura Ribeiro
Image: Rui Sá
Photography: Afonso Molinar
Emotional support: Drama

Directed by: Rui Major
Audio Mix: Hugo Valverde and José Quintino
Grading: Nuno Garcia
Institutional partner: Portuguese Republic – Ministry of Culture
With the support of Companhia Portuguesa de Ballado Contemporâneo, CML and Polo Cultural das Gaivotas, Mitera, TEATRO da TERRA, Ermo do Caos, CNC – National Cultural Center, Tralha Atelier