Margarida Moreira on tour with the show “Adão + Eva: the experience”

12 February, 2020

The actress Margarida Moreira returns to the stage with the tour of the show “Adão + Eva: the experience” of the Trópico de Artes Produções. Inspired by Mark Twain’s “The Diaries of Adam and Eve”, this is a free and fun version of these two characters’ daily lives, adapted and staged by João Ascenso.

The show’s tour begins in February with the following dates and locations already confirmed:

22 February: Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima
March 27: Teatro Ribeiragrandense, São Miguel Island (Azores)
April 18 and 19: Sala Estúdio-Latino do Sá da Bandeira Theater, Porto
16 May: Mascarenhas Gregório Theater, Silves
May 21st to 31st: Women’s School – Theater Workshop, Lisbon

Adam and Eve have just been expelled from the “Eden Research Center” for disrespecting the center’s rules. Faced with an unknown reality, both will have to learn to deal with a new world. Adam, a calm and humble man who lived his routines, accepting the rules that dictated him, feels that, now, his life has lost its meaning. Eva, endowed with a natural curiosity and dynamism, is excited about the opportunity to start a different experience and to apply the knowledge she acquired in the “Eden Research Center” to the new life that awaits her… Will each one adapt to the new world? And the couple, will he survive the changes and the novelty? Only time will dictate whether life as a couple will turn into paradise or hell.

Text and Staging João Ascenso
Interpretation Margarida Moreira and Ricardo Barbosa
Light Ricardo Brito Diniz
Mono-creative graphic design
Scene photography Ulisses Almeida
Executive Producer Miro Silveira
Production Trópico de Artes Produções
Age Rating M / 12