Margarida Moreira stars in the telefilm “As Cinzas da Mãe”

8 January, 2021

Margarida Moreira is the protagonist of the new RTP telefilm, inserted in the series “Trezes”. The adaptation of Cristina Norton’s literary tale, “As Cinzas da Mãe” was the responsibility of the author Patrícia Muller and the production of José Farinha. RTP’s new bet will debut this Friday night on RTP and will include names like João Craveiro, Paula Mora, Paula Guedes and Manuel Sá Pessoa.

Synopsis: Since childhood Isabel (Margarida Moreira) remembers her mother’s (Paula Mora) recurring request: to be cremated. And now that the day has come, with her husband Daniel (João Craveiro) beside her, it is the mother’s voice that she hears, which surprises her because her mother is there, in the urn, about to be cremated, as she always wanted. And, since then, it has not ceased to be heard, accompanied by a letter left in a will, with precise instructions, which, because they are drastic, may end Isabel’s marriage.