Marta Faial joins the cast of the soap opera “Quer o Destino”

27 January, 2020

The actress Marta Faial is part of the cast of the new bet for the TVI prime time of the season. “Quer o Destino” tells the story of love and revenge of a woman who, as an adult, returns to the place where she was raped at the age of 14 and where she will be surprised with her ability to overcome and, also, with some of the most visions of human evil. In the plot adapted from a Chilean original, Marta Faial plays the character Sandra Isabel Silva, a young fellow from a research center in studies on women who moves into the home of her sister Carla (Ana Sofia Martins), where she will find a scene of violence that you will try to solve. Very determined and independent, Sandra will not want to fall in love but fate will change her laps.

“Quer o Destino” will soon debut on TVI.