ModaLisboa 57 SS22

11 October, 2021

ModaLisboa AND NOW WHAT? took place from the 7th to the 10th of October at the Estufa Fria and the Capitólio in its 57th edition.

Karacter Agency was present at the event with the models: Ana Veloso, Irina MacariMartim MoraisTiago Danu, Angelina, Beatriz Marxen, David Sebastião, Evandro Rodrigues, Gabriela Camões, Ildefonso Có, Inês Bentes, Kahlil, Naize Simaira, Ricardo Furtado, Vicente Bruckelmann, Xavier Reis, Yandi, and Ye Zichao.

Ana Veloso


Beatriz Marxen

David Sebastião

Evandro Rodrigues

Gabriela Camões

Ildefonso Có

Inês Bentes

Irina Macari


Martim Morais


Ricardo Furtado

Tiago Danu

Vicente Bruckelmann

Xavier Reis


Ye Zichao