• Height 185
  • Making/jacket 50/40
  • Shoes 43
  • Hair Color Castanho
  • Eye Color Azuis
  • Height 6.1
  • Making/jacket 40
  • Shoes 10
  • Hair Color Castanho
  • Eye ColorAzuis

Diogo Lagoa made his television debut with a guest appearance in the series “Morangos comAçúcar” (TVI). In the meantime he was invited to participate in an episode of “Portal do Tempo” (TVI), but it was with the series “I Love It” (TVI) that the actor had the biggest challenge of his career and became known to the general public by playing the lead role of the series alongside Mia Rose. After the success of his character, Diogo decided to travel to England to invest in his vocational training and look for new challenges. Returning to Portugal, the actor has been dedicated to cinema integrating the cast of several short films. On television, Diogo returned to series format with a cameo appearance on the sitcom “Sim, Chef!” (RTP1).


Workshop de Interpretação para TV com Paulo Ferreira



Sim, Chef!, série, Valentim de Carvalho/RTP1
I Love It, série juvenil, Plural/TVI
Portal do Tempo, série juvenil, Coral/TVI
Morangos com Açúcar, série juvenil, Plural/TVI