Tiago Costa stars in Inês Monstro’s new videoclip

2 May, 2023

Actor Tiago Costa is the protagonist of the music video for the new single by singer Inês Monstro, “Tanto Tempo”.

Creative Direction: Inês Monster
Directed by: André Azevedo
Director of Photography: André Azevedo
Art: Ana Oliveira + Cynthia Gauthey + Inês Monstro + Maria do Céu Sousa
1st Imaging Assistant: Miguel Cardoso
Styling: Inês Monster + Maria do Céu Sousa
Styling Assistant: Ana Oliveira
Makeup, Hair and Manicure: Jay Laginha
Editing: André Azevedo and Inês Monster
Color Correction: André Azevedo
Graphics: Rodrigo Pires