Vânia Naia joins the cast of “Crónica dos Bons Malandros”

27 November, 2020

Actress Vânia Naia is part of the series “Crónica dos Band Malandros”. From the adaptation of the homonymous novel by Mário Zambujal, the plot of the new RTP series follows a mythical band of thieves known as “Os Bons Malandros” who undertakes a spectacular assault on the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in the 1980s. Produced by Ukbar Filmes and directed by Jorge Paixão da Costa, each episode focuses on each of the elements of the gang played by actors Maria João Bastos, Marco Delgado, José Raposo, Manuel Marques, Adriano Carvalho, Joana Pais de Brito and Rui Unas.

“Crónica dos Bons Malandros” is scheduled to premiere on December 2nd at prime time on RTP1.