Winners Karacter Model Tour 2021

6 September, 2021

The Karacter Model Tour 21 promised to change the rules of fashion, and that’s exactly what happened.
After hundreds of applications, around 50 new faces were selected to experience an intense and revolutionary Bootcamp, where they learned the tools necessary for the life of a successful model. Reduced to a select group of 24 finalists, the moment arrived for the grand final, which took place on the riverfront of the historic area of ​​Belém, and where they were present, in addition to the panel of specialized judges – Paulo Gomes, Luís Pereira, Fernando Cabral, Marianne Bittencourt, Carla Pereira, Hari Amado and Lido Palma – fashion designers Alexandra Moura and Dino Alves, also judges, who, with the help of GriffeHairstyle, in hair, and Antónia Rosa Atelier, in make-up, wore the finalists for the day that surely changed their lives. To the deserved winners, Naize Pereira and Kahlil Preston, our congratulations, and the certain conviction that they will shake the fashion world.

Designers: Alexandra Moura and Dino Alves
Photography: David Afonso
Video: David Afonso, Eduardo Gonçalves and Marta Ferreira
Hair: GriffeHairstyle
Makeup: Antónia Rosa Atelier
Direction: Lido Palma and Maria João Baginha

Special Thanks:
Turismo do Porto e Norte
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Restaurante SUD Lisboa
Câmara Municipal de Lagos
NosoloÁgua de Portimão