Wagner Borges participates in the series “Esperança”

11 February, 2021

Wagner Borges reinforces the cast of Opto’s “Esperança” series. The actor plays a master of ceremonies at a ball organized by the protagonist, played by César Mourão, in the eighth episode of the sitcom.

The series authored by Pedro Varela and produced by Blanche Filmes accompanies a charismatic octogenarian widow, Esperança, who lives and “resists” on a highly coveted second floor of a building, in Bairro do Castelo, in Lisbon. With César Mourão in the role of the protagonist, the cast of this production also includes Eva Tecedeiro, Marco Paiva, José Manuel Mendes, Leonora Carvalho, Valerie Braddel, Joana Africano, Gonçalo Almeida, Iara Cardoso and Miguel Freire.

“Esperança” is available in the Impresa Group’s new streaming service catalog, Opto.