Xavier Reis and Ariana Macari in Dino Alves campaign

15 July, 2021

The models Xavier Reis and Ariana Macari photographed the campaign and lookbook Dino Alves “2020 collection”.



“2020”  is the SEASONLESS  collection of Dino Alves brand. It’s a collection, designed  within the concept  “See now, buy now”, an expression used recently by international brands, when they make collections  without notice  usual seasonal or without a defined season. For me,  its a NOW collection.

It’s a collection  a little  smaller than the ones I usually make,  because the times we live in demanded it, but easier to use,  with simple pieces but with touches of author,  fun,  and comfortable.

It’s a kind of narrative of what the year 2020 was like for many of us. It describes a little bit  how we lived this year,  what we did,  what we wanted,  the places we were able to go, how we occupied our days at home.

I, for example, occupied my days rummaging through memories, reorganized clothes I no longer wore, separated pieces, looked at old photographs, saw series, and went back to painting, first shyly, because I hadn’t done it since I finished the course, but then I continued compulsively.

I also took walks through some parks and breathed in the forest air.

But, at one point, trips to the supermarket were the only escape from relative freedom!

This collection is a kind of description of this lifestyle to which we were forced.

I transported the act of painting to t shirts, I mixed materials, I reused old jeans that I no longer wear and I created other pieces, I used forgotten fabrics I found when I moved in boxes, I made pieces with leftovers of ‘materials’ from other pieces created for other occasions, and I added to all this  new details  that refer to a sport  and urban  practical and fun universe. I used color without fear and above all I was free to create this collection, as I could not be in real everyday life.


Photographed in a quiet ‘working-class’ neighborhood of Lisbon ‘with’ empty streets, the ‘campaign not only reflects the pandemic situation in which we live and which limited our freedom to our own neighborhoods, but also intends to give some normality to the concept of fashion that is seen in many times as something unattainable.

Author’s pieces should and can be used, even if it’s only on the streets of our neighborhood!

Artistic Direction – Dino Alves
Photography – Pedro Nóbrega
Post Production – Lou-Ann Vanariac-Quard
Photography Assistant – Dai Jinghan
Make up – Frederico Simão
Hair – Helena Vaz Pereira @GriffeHairstyle
Assistant – Francisca Oliveira

Lisbon,  July 2021

Dino Alves