Zé Bernardino participates in an English series nominated for the BAFTA

11 May, 2023

Actor Zé Bernardino was chosen to participate in the English series “The Thief, His Wife And The Canoe” (2022), now nominated for the BAFTA awards (British Academy Film Awards). His character, Stefano, is a photographer who teams up with reporter Dave, in Panama, in the investigation of a couple who fake their husband’s death to get insurance money.

This is the true story of Canoe Man, John Darwin, and his wife Anne Darwin, who commit one of the most iconic frauds of all time. John fakes his death in a canoe accident off the coast of Seaton Carew in North East England. The couple managed to get their life insurance benefits and start a new life in Panama, the scheme having John live for five years without being discovered. During all this time, his two children believed that John was dead.

Actor Zé Bernardino has a diverse professional experience in theater, cinema and television. From 2007 to 2011 he took an Interpretation Course at Estúdio Corazza, in Madrid. He continued to invest in his voice training, using the linklater method with Antonio Ocampo, Voz e Corpo with Jorge Parente, Voice, the Roy Hart method with John Wild, the Michael Chekov technique with Graham Dixon. In 2007, Zé Bernardino participated in the series “Conta-me Como Foi”, on RTP, and in “Doce Fugitiva”, on TVI. In 2009, he was part of the cast of the Spanish TVE series “Águila Roja”. In 2015, he participated in the telenovela “O Sábio”. In 2017 and 2018, he participated in two television productions: the telenovelas “Rainha das Flores” (2017) and “Alma e Coração” (2018), both on the private channel SIC. In cinema, he made the short film “Lei da Gravidade” (2014), “Despedida” (2015), “Instructions for a Revolution” (2018), “Catatonia” (2021), by Tiago Rosa-Rosso. In addition, he participated in the short film “Adeus, Senhor António”, by Júlia Buisel, and in the feature film “Fátima”, directed by Marco Pontecorvo. Zé Bernardino also has theater experience. In 1995, he participated in the show “Street Scene”, staged by José Wallenstein, at Teatro Nacional São Carlos, having worked with names such as Adriana Aboim, Juan Carlos Corazza, Jorge Parente, Joana Craveiro, Ricardo Gageiro, Ricardo Cabaça and Ricardo Bernardes, Francisco Campos, Daniel Schvetz.